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The Church House Westminster
1888 - 1988

"A Moment in the Life of the Church"

The Corporation of the Church House, which celebrates its Centenary in 1988, owns and operates Church House, situated in Dean's Yard in the shadow of Westminster Abbey. The building, erected shortly before the Second World War, is the business headquarters of the Church of England and stands on the site of the first Church House, which was built as the Church's official memorial of Queen Victoria's golden jubilee of 1887.

The Church House

As the Corporation celebrates its Centenary, plans are being finalised for the administrative offices of the General Synod, including the Central Board of Finance and other Boards and Councils, to move to a site on Millbank. After this move has taken place, early in 1990, the Corporation, no longer responsible for the Church House building, will then enter what is likely to be the final chapter of its existence, which will be an appropriate moment for a full-length record of its hundred year-or-so history to be set down.

In the meantime this short introduction outlines the story of the Corporation and the building that it was founded to provide. We hope it will be of interest not only to the employees, friends and visitors to the Church House but also to Church-people everywhere, who may be unaware of the history of this relatively small, autonomous organisation of the Church of England, which has played a not insignificant role in the life of Church and State during the past century.

From the Book "The Church House 1888-1988 - A Moment in the Life of the Church"
Published by the Corporation of the Church House in their Centenary Year