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Since 1867, and at roughly ten yearly intervals thereafter, Anglican bishops from all over the world have, at the invitation of the Archbishop of Canterbury, gathered together to strengthen the links between the self-governing churches which make up the Anglican Communion. Until fairly recently these meetings invariably took place at Lambeth Palace. This year the Conference is being held at the University of Kent at Canterbury.

The only part of the House available to the 1888 Lambeth Conference had been the committee rooms in the converted 10 & 11 Dean's Yard. By the 1897 Conference, delegates also had the use of the Great Hall and Council room but the main sittings of the Conference continued to be held at Lambeth Palace. The Bishops of the United States passed a resolution expressing their appreciation of the Church House and 'the Irish, Scotch, Colonial, and Missionary Bishops also expressed their strong testimony to the important assistance afforded by the Church House in the general work of the Church'.

The tradition of furnishing the Hoare Memorial Hall as a lounge began at the 1930 Conference. On this occasion all the delegates were made honorary members of the Corporation for the three months between June and September, and a travel bureau was set up next to the Hall, where Members could book motor tours in England or on the Continent.

From the Book "The Church House 1888-1988 - A Moment in the Life of the Church"
Published by the Corporation of the Church House in their Centenary Year